There some amazing amateur astronomers, photographers, birders and otherwise naturally inclined folks in Nova Scotia. Many have their own blogs and sites. Here are some of them (anyone I'm missing feel free to send me your link.) - Created and managed by David Chapman, one of the most active members of the Halifax centre of the Royal Astronomy of Canada (RASC). He's the current editor of the society's venerable Observers Handbook.  Here's his Flickr page: - Dave Lane, an astronomical technician at St. Mary's University in Halifax, whose fields of expertise include astronomical software and asteroids. A former RASC president, he's responsible for the monthly astronomical calendar of the Observers Handbook. - Blair MacDonald, astrophotographer extraordinaire and also a busy RASC member. - Mike Boschat, avid ex-pat Russian and amateur astronomer (RASC member) with specialties in solar activity and meteor showers. - The Minas Astronomy Group (MAG) holds presentations and public viewings in the Annapolis Valley. One of the unofficial group leaders is  retired Acadia University physicist Dr. Roy Bishop, an expert in astronomy in general, particularly optical physics and tidal science, A former RASC president, his contributions have become an integral part of its Observers Handbook. - Really cool time lapses by RASC member Jerry Black. - The astronomical photos of Halifax RASC member Chris Turner - Site of Dr. David Tindall, Dalhousie University physics and astronomer professor. RASC member. - The photos of Annapolis Valley RASC member Bruce Hamilton. - Burke Gaffney Observatory at Saint Mary's University. Resources include monthly star charts for Nova Scotia (under Night Sky Information link at top of page). - Paul Evens, member of Royal Astronomical Society and birder. The excellent Clear Sky Chart website created by Attilla Danko by predicts observing conditions at sites around the world.  This link shows the charts for Nova Scotia sites. 

GENERAL ASTRONOMY LINKS - Canadian astronomy magazine edited by noted author Terence Dickinson. - Support for Backyard Astronomer's Guide by Dickinson and another foremost Canadian astronomer/astrophotographer Alan Dyer. Contains a wealth of information on astrophotography, observing and equipment. - One of the earliest astronomical websites created by Chris Peat.  The non-profit site is particularly helpful for satellite and International Space Station spotting. Also whole sky chart, solar system data and constellation charts. - As name suggests, offers articles on earth science as well as astronomy. Helpful calendar of upcoming astronomical events such as conjunctions. Also non-profit and donation-based. - A fascinating diary of life on the International Space Station by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. His spectacular photos of Earth from orbit and accompanying comments have attracted more than 595,000 followers to his Twitter account. - Compendium of astronomical information from the Canadian Space Agency, designed for teachers but helpful for anyone interested in astronomy. -  Time and calendar site with easily accessed information on future moonphases, sun and moon rises and seasons.

NOVA SCOTIA NATURE - Gateway to websites created by master birder and writer Blake Maybank, including his rare bird alert site. - The Nova Scotia Bird Society. Information includes field trips, membership and tips for visiting birders. - Amazing collection of photos by nature photographer Hans Toom of  Portuguese Cove, N.S. - Includes snapshots of birding in various provinces and contributions from bloggers from across the country. - Absolutely lovely photos of Nova Scotian flora,  scenery and culture.